• work out how to make the processes and tools large organisations use to organise stuff, practical for a household.
  • learn how to use some open source application lifecycle techniques, tools and technologies.
  • have some fun and pass back what’s been learned to the community.

An explanatory note for the word ‘content’ (which is used everywhere in this wiki): >in the context of allegria it is a catch-all phrase that means all the stuff families are trying to organise - documents, photos, music, movies, tasks, likes, comments etc. etc. Could just as easily have used the word ‘elephants’ but ‘content’ seems to be a generally accepted word


This wiki is trying to describe how these objectives are being achieved. The pages will build up as things are ‘put in the bag’ (i.e. lessons are learned, code is written).

The key areas in the wiki are:
* [[concepts|Topic Summary#Concepts]] - list of concepts / modules that are building to make up the Consumer Content Management platform.
* [[how-to’s|Topic Summary#HowTo]] - these are a record of how we did things (hope they are helpful). * [[paint by numbers|Topic Summary#PaintByNumbers]] - provide step by step instructions for a particular concept (usually in support of a how-to).
* [[Helicopter view|Topic Summary#HelicopterView]] - a 10,000ft view of an area (usually pictures). * [Spaghetti western|Topic Summary#SpaghettiWestern] - a more detailed explanation about a particularly confusing concept. * [[Point of view|Topic Summary#PointOfView]] - some crystal ball gazing opinion on a topic.

The wiki isn’t designed to be a collection of highly polished specs (hands up if you like writing or reading design or technical documents - nobody - that’s what I thought). It’s really just a collection of tips from the internet that have worked in the context of allegria or where the original blog has been expanded upon to make it dead simple to understand and replicate. The wiki is trying to be a creative outlet, so the techie stuff will be wrapped up in some stories.

And, given allegria has its roots in media there’ll be a liberal sprinkling of movie and music references - some of them might need a bit of thinking to see the relevance - to make it [hopefully] interesting and engaging too…

oh btw, If you see at the start of a page “this page is not finished, see the [[wiki home page|Home]] to find out why…” well the why is as follows:

As more lessons are learned, links will start popping up to underlying pages and the underlying pages will begin to get filled. So in many cases you will see the work as it is being developed - warts and all (could be a few random thoughts, or some structure, or some copy and paste of some information that looked interesting and thought provoking - you will be watching the creative writing process and hopefully collaborating with it as it happens). The [[Topic Summary|Topic Summary]] has a description and to what extent the pages are finished.

It’s still early days so there’s not much in the bag yet but we’ll get there. Keep watching…

So then, [[where do we begin|HowTo: Project Management]]?