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Giubilo is a simple way to organise and access the family's entire digital life.

We're working out how to make practical for a household, the processes and tools that large organisations use to store and organise
things. Read along and follow us to see how open source project techniques, tools and technologies are being used to do this.

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The Idea

Do you collect a ton of photos, notes, receipts, to-do's, music, movies, documents, recipes, how-to's, bookmarks? Are you trying to manage a life that's sprawling everywhere at home and online? Giubilo is a virtual personal assistant to help tie up the loose ends of organising your life and leisure time.

The processes and tools to do this aren't new:

  • Corporations digitise file-rooms of paper into Advanced Case Management Systems
  • Software developers manage code and builds in Distributed Version Controls Systems
  • Researchers preserve their work with integrity in Immutable Repositories
  • Webmasters organise and publish digital assets in Web Content Management Tools

Between these they have had: sophisticated linking, analytics, collaboration and search, version control, file signing, integrity checks, encryptions licensing and citability, granular access models, flexible rules-based workflows and tools for backup, sync and cloud access.

It makes sense to consumerise these cool capabilities to help at home...READ MORE

Credit for Inspiration

Some of the ideas and inspiration for Giubilo came from the following:

Store, Search & Share

We're developing tools that you can download and use for, storing all your digital things forever, no matter what they are, find them no matter where you are and share them safely and easily...


Giubilo is made up of Concepts - things being built, Retrospectives - step-by-step how-did's to make things easy to understand and recreate and Points of view - thoughts for where things could go...

Open Source

The software and information developed is open source and is using open source tools, techniques and technologies, like Q&A Communities, ALM and DevOps, Crowd Sourcing, Java, Go, UPnP, CMIS, Eclispe, Github, Docker...