This paint by numbers has used:

Alfresco 4.2

CMIS Workbench 0.9.0-beta-1 & 0.10.0

The CMIS Workbench application in its default download launches with a shell script rather than a neat osx package. The osx Automator can be used to launch it from an icon in the osx launchpad or dock.


1. Create an ‘application’ from the osx Automator:


2. Drag run shell script to the action window and enter the path to


3. Save the package as ‘CMIS’ to the ‘Applications’ folder.

4. Go to the ‘Applications’ folder, right-click on the ‘CMIS’ file,‘Get Info’and and click on the icon at the top left until it has a blue outline:


5. Download the CMIS Workbench icon (or use the pic below), open it in a paint application, copy to the clipboard and use the Finder [Edit] menu to paste the CMIS Workbench icon onto the ‘Get Info’ icon.